Education against Catastrophe. The Terror of the Future and Hope in the Now

Joris Vlieghe, Piotr Zamojski


In this article we primordially want to develop what it means to educate in a time of pending ecological catastrophe, i.e. when we have to educate within a particular temporal framework which prevents any hope for a better future. This brings us to investigate the interrelation between how we think about the meaning of education and how past, present and futurity have been experienced in what we discern as the Modern, the postShoa and the contemporary post-hope era. With the aid of the work of Bruno Latour, we advocate study practices that are fully devoted to the ‘here and now’ as an adequate answer to the challenge that we are presently confronted with. 


ecological catastrophe; time and education; studying, hope; Adorno; Latour.


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