Intercultural-Holistic Education in Symbolic-Anthropological Dance Mediation

Alba Giovanna Naccari


The paper is about the method of Symbolic-Anthropological Expressive Mediation, which comes mainly from the research, training and supervision carried out in Eurinome, the School of Bodily and Expressive Mediation Pedagogy of Perugia (Italy). The specific methodology is set up as an educational re-working of methodologies, born in the dance-movement-therapy clinical field that enhances the symbolic and intercultural dimension of dancing and movement. The characteristic element of the method is the holistic approach. Bodily and expressive mediation is designed and proposed as a privileged dimension to enable the various components of the person in all its complexity, in consideration of the plot of cultural and human interactions in which he/she lives.


intercultural education; holistic education; dance-movementtherapy; symbolic-anthropological methodology.


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