Remaking Education at Anarchist-Inspired Alternative School

Roy Noah Danovitch, Erica Eva Colmenares


This article explores the philosophy and practice of anarchist education within the context of  an  alternative  middle  and  high  school  in an urban setting. It sets out to explore how educators within the field reconcile some of the tensions and conflicts at the heart of anarchist thinking, particularly as it pertains to its organizational structure and educational practices. To do this, the article begins by examining the history and practice of anarchist education,  arguing  for  a  recovery  of its emancipatory, political roots, and a problematization of the  neoliberal focus on management and performance, an approach that divests education of its political and ethical content. We then  provide  a  concrete example  of  anarchism  that  informs  the  organizational  practice of an alternative school animated by anarchist principles and radical traditions in education. We argue that the political challenges we face demand project-oriented schools characterized by dialogic governance and a relational approach to justice. Such schools may  help us  reimagine education to promote both individual and collective flourishing.


anarchist education; dialogue; relational justice; dialogic governance.


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