L’emergenza pandemica in una società neoliberale. La contraddizione fra libertà e sicurezza e la regolazione del benessere collettivo / The pandemic emergency in a neoliberal society. The contradiction between freedom and security and regulation of collective well-being

Emiliano Bevilacqua e Angelo Salento


Social regulation in times of pandemic shows the importance of liberal political cultures in the definition and implementation of virus containment policies, highlighting the influence of the Anglo-Saxon liberal tradition in the English-speaking world and of the ordoliberal regulatory approach in continental Europe (Foucault 2007; 2005). Recent public policies have thus moved in the direction of a technocratic regulation of individual freedoms (Antonelli 2020) that preserves market productivity often at the expense of health security (Caselli 2020). The pandemic itself has revealed the structural limitations of the neoliberal policies, showing what the priorities are for a radical innovation in economic regulation.

Neoliberalism, COVID-19


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