LA REPUBBLICA DEI PERFORMANTI OVVERO SI HIC EST ASINUS NON ERIT ILLIC EQUUS / The Republic of Performing People or si hic est asinus non erit illic equus

Antimo Cesaro


Three “artistic” metaphors – a modern novel, a Renaissance engraving and a Pompeian fresco – establish three different (yet converging) interpretations of the current consideration of the world of culture (in the fields of art, scientific research as well as school and university education), degraded by reductive performative visions that contribute to the creation of an entirely self-referential “Republic of letters” (which does not correspond, however, to the real country). The article ends with a provocative “eulogy of the scribble”, understood as an extreme attempt at resistance and survival of an active subject, who wants to avoid its fading into the institutional (and ideological) dimension that seeks to determine it.


Evaluation, Power-knowledge, Hermeneutics, Political symbolism, Social control

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