Di quale catastrofe Mariana é il nome? Il crimine socio-ambientale della Samarco e il Brasile nel Capitalocene/What catastrophe is called Mariana? The socio-environmental crime of Samarco and Brazilian Capitalocene

Giuseppe Orlandini


Mariana, in the state of Minas Gerais, was the scene of the most serious
social-environmental disaster/crime in the Brazilian history. But what led
to an event of such proportions and what happens next on the ground? A
summary survey of the geographical materialism of the region will take
us to observe the dramatic vulnerability caused by mining extraction and
its accumulation cycles. Then, the focus on post-disaster governance will
show us the limits imposed by political and institutional practices that
claim to “mediate” and “resolve” conflicts in a field of asymmetric relationships.
Finally, after a brief analysis of the weakening of the regulatory
environmental control instruments and the adoption of a colonial narrative
of development and economic mining dependency, we will look at the work
of reconstruction of the mining common sense in the name of Capitalocene.


Socio-environmental Conflicts; Extractivism; Environmental Racism; Development; Capitalocene; Mariana.

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