Diritti e repressione nella “cracolandia”. Riflessioni a partire dal programma De Braços Abertos/Rights and repression in "cracolandia". Reflections starting from the De Braços Abertos program

Taniele Rui


Guided by the experience as researcher in the region stigmatized as
“crackland”, in São Paulo, this article explores the recent ambivalence between
the offer of rights, through the program De Braços Abertos, and the
continuity of the repressive activities in the region. Through the trajectory
of Luana and quantitative and qualitative data from a preliminary research
on the program, it seeks to show that such junction between rights and
repression, in one way evokes the heterogeneity of the public actions and
the contemporary State to these subjects, in another, it reveals, in the case
of the policy on drugs, the hindrances on political actions considered progressive
in front of the prohibitionist policy in force. The presentation aims
to contribute both specifically to a more complex perspective on the public
action as to, in an amplified way, to the reflection on the new combinatory
modes, maybe constitutive nexus, between rights and repression, care
and control, compassion and order, present in the contemporary form of
“managing precariousness”.


Crack; Public Policies; Programs De Braços Abertos.

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