Corruzione, politica e imprese appaltatrici/Corruption, politics and contractors

Marcos Otavio Bezerra


Accusations of corruption have occupied a central spot in the Brazilian
public life and they have frequently been associated with big construction
companies (the contractors). This work analyses how the actions of a contractor
with a federal public budget to secure the viability of its business
articulate with the routine proceedings of statal bureaucracy and the ordinary
political practices associated to the idea of political representation. In
opposition to the moralist and essentialist interpretations, the work emphasizes
the collective dimension of the practices considered as corruption,
meaning they become possible through the participation and complicity of
a multiplicity of people situated in different positions in institutions.
Arguing that the action of the contractor – as it promotes adaptation,
distortion or suspension of rules and official proceedings – participates in
the forming of the State.


Political Anthropology; Corruption; State; Public Budget; Public Construction Work Companies.

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