IL GOVERNO DEI POVERI. Distopie e paradossi speculativi sul presente in "Per ultimo il cuore" di Margaret Atwood/POOR’S GOVERNMENT. Dystopias and speculative paradoxes on the present time in "The heart goes last" by Margaret Atwood

Anna Simone e Natalina Lodato


In this article, we open up an extended investigation of some of the
pivotal sociological and socio-legal issues of the contemporary debate,
by focusing on Atwood’s dystopian novel Heart goes last. Through the
prism of this speculative novel, we are concerned especially with some
paradigmatic macro-themes which involve demographic aspects as well:
neoliberalism, poverty and the erosion of social rights, the breakdown of
social bonds, the application of human resource management logics in new
organizational forms, social control and new total institutions, sexuality
and the politics of life.


Dystopia, Neoliberalism, Poverty, Crisis, Management, Population, Social Control


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