ISTITUZIONI PSICHIATRICHE E RIFORMISMO. Sull’attualità della teoria di Robert Castel/MENTAL INSTITUTIONS AND RIFORMISM. On the relevance of Robert Castel’s theory

Daniele Pulino


The aim of this article is to show the relevance of Robert Castel’s works on the changes of psychiatric institutions. Written in the ‘70s, Le Psychanalysme, L’Ordre psychiatrique and La Gestion des risques are three topical works in this field that help us to understand some current governmentality device. In this perspective, we will highlight the connection between the works of Castel and the Italian psychiatric antiinstitutional movement, in particular its leader, Franco Basaglia. Finally, revisiting both researches and connections is aimed at better focusing Robert Castel’s recent works.


Robert Castel, Psychiatric Reform, Italian Anti-institutional Movement, Governmentality.

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