Final exit before the bridge in AI: Strengthening the right to human oversight of vulnerable subjects with two agents

Zeynep Ogretmen Kotil, Sabire Sanem Yilmaz


The use of Artificial Intelligence systems has major implications for vulnerable subjects. These impacts reinforce the vulnerability of vulnerable subjects. The various mechanisms that can be envisaged to strengthen the position of vulnerable subjects vis-à-vis AI and minimize the risks are closely examined in our study. In this context, the notions of human oversight and human agents are analyzed, the treatment of this right in the existing regulations is outlined, and the occurrences associated with this right are enumerated.

In the context of anthropomorphized technology, individuals will impose this qualification on technology. It is imperative that technology be fed with more human and AI agents. The basis of this study is to highlight the coexistence of the concept of human agent with the concept of AI agent, which will remove the barriers of vulnerability and allow meaningful human oversight.


Vulnerability; Human Oversight; Human Agent; Sense of Agent; Anthropomorhized Technology.

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