Author's Guidelines

The European Journal of Privacy Law & Technology (EJPLT) is a refereed open access journal focusing on the issue of law and technology in a European context.

EJPLT accepts submissions in the following areas, with specific reference to the listed topics:

Legal Area
- Privacy Law
- Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and Ethics
- Human beings in digital environment and Biotechnologies
- E-commerce
- Smart contracts
- Information and communication technologies (ICT)
- Green web economy
- Green Law
- Legal Design

Technical Area
- Privacy and Big data
- Privacy in the Internet of things
- Privacy in Blockchain and most recent technologies
- Privacy in Smartphones and Social Networks
- Data protection by design and by default
- Data visualization
- Technologies for data storage and retrieval

Behavioural Area
- Organisational behaviour and data security
- Human behaviour and security
- Human aspects of data breeches
- Design thinking for data security
- Human aspects of data privacy and consent
- Social media and data security

The EJPLT is committed to multilingualism and accepts submissions in English, Italian or Spanish, using one of the following standards of citation:
» English Standard for the Citation
» Italian Standard for the Citation

Depending on the work you submit, please use one of the following templates:
» Template News
» Template Articles and Focus Papers
» Template Comments on decisions
» Template Use cases