Human machine interaction and legal information in the autonomous vehicles: the opportunity of the legal design

Livia Aulino


The paper deals with the relationship between language and law and then examines the connection between autonomous driving and law. Therefore, the fundamental question includes both what are the best ways of transmitting legal information within autonomous vehicles as well as their correct understanding.

The issue of the lack of clarity of information from the private law point of view will then be addressed, focusing on the issue of error in view of an evolution of the category.

In this context it is considerable of the role of design and in particular of legal design, as a possible remedy to the communication deficit of legal information provided by the vehicle. In fact the solution can be seen in the opportunity to design human machine interfaces, which - also through an acoustic signaling, visual or tactile - provide clearly and unambiguously legal information on the autonomous vehicle. This in order to guarantee a security by design and to ensure support and mutual learning between the machine and the user.


Automation; Autonomous vehicles; Human Machine Interaction; Legal information; Law by design; Legal design; Methodology; Interdisciplinary research

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