LA CURA DEL RISCHIO. La pandemia come fatto sociale totale e “soggetto imprevisto / TAKING CARE OF RISK. The pandemic as a total social question and “unforeseen subject”

Anna Simone


Starting from the way in which the pandemic was narrated in the period of the lockdown, this intervention focuses on the analysis and discussion of some articles that have transformed the COVID-19 event into an opportunity to rethink the centrality of concepts such as cure, vulnerability, interdependence. Many of these concepts had already been themed by feminist thought and within gender studies, but today they can become central and universal to re-imagine a different and less individualized society capable of thinking about “measure” in a new social and symbolic order.

Pandemic, Risk, Care, Vulnerability


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Registrazione presso il Tribunale di Napoli n. 37 del 05/07/2012