Merce di scambio. I braccianti migranti nell’agricoltura intensiva in Québec/Bargaining chip. Seasonal migrant laborers in intensive agriculture in Québec

Lucio Castracani, Jorge Pantaleón


Since the 1960s, Canadian farms have taken over the workforce from abroad through temporary migration programs. This kind of hiring expanded exponentially in Canadian agriculture over the last 25 years. The article focuses on the daily work experience of seasonal migrant workers in the province of Québec. Through a relational approach, we identify specific expectations that employers have towards seasonal migrant workers compared to the local workers and placement agencies workers. We highlight how temporary migration programs are not only answers to a labor shortage but also serve to format an ideal figure of agricultural worker to granter the competiveness of the Québec agriculture economy in the neoliberal context. The article is based on observant participation in four farms and interviews with workers, employers and institutional actors in Québec, between 2014 and 2017.

Keywords: Temporary Foreign Worker Programs; Québec; Agriculture Production; Workplace; Ethnography.

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