Migrazione transmediterranea e sfruttamento dei lavoratori itineranti africani nell’Italia meridionale/Trans-Mediterranean Migration and the Exploitation of African Mobile Workers in Southern Italy

Gilles Reckinger


In this contribution the author firstly retraces the emergence and evolution of the current European border regime. He argues that the governance of its highly militarized external borders has been analyzed synchronously with the utterly precarious labour markets in the Italian South. Secondly, the author briefly retraces the evolution of the Italian reception system and the discursive construction of Lampedusa as the island of the boat refugees. Thirdly, the author argues that since the 1990s, an extremely precarious labour market has emerged in Italy since during their asylum procedure. Many forced migrants are left to their own devices without any official support and are constrained to accept any kind of (mostly informal) working conditions. Fourthly, the author differentiates the various levels of migrants’ exploitation in the plain of Gioa Tauro (Calabria) too. Migrants are structurally excluded from any form of participation in Italian Society which can be observed at the economic level, in the realm of labour, civil and political rights and in their confinement in spaces outside of society, i.e. in makeshift camps; this condition exacerbates their subalternization.

Keywords:EU Border Regime; Boat Migration; Precarious Labour Markets; Migrant Workers; Exploitation; Orange Plantations; Southern Italy.

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