Terra dei Fuochi: valutare l’impatto sulla salute della Legge 6/2014. Assunti di base, metodologia e procedure di una ricerca-azione territoriale/Terra dei Fuochi: assessing the health impact of Law no.6/2014. Basic assumptions, methodology and procedures of a territorial action research

Andrea Membretti



The article presents the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) methodology, as adopted in a pilot-project of participatory evaluation, held in Campania region (Italy). The main goal of this assessment procedure is to analyze the global effects on the population’s wellbeing, attributable to a specific and recent law of the State (L.6/2014): the aim of this norm is to contrast the dreadful pollution in a specific area (called “Terra dei Fuochi”: “Land of Fires”), caused by decades of criminal management of illegal waste disposal.

Moreover, the case-study offers the opportunity to discuss the potential of HIA in order to foster the empowerment of people involved in a particular kind of evaluation process that is radically different than the neoliberal approach to policy assessment. 


Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Empowerment, Participation, Terra dei Fuochi, Pollution

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