I nostri morti hanno voce. Dislocamenti sociali, affetti e azioni politiche in prospettiva comparata/Our dead have a voice. Social displacements, affections and political actions in a comparative perspective

Liliana Sanjurjo


Grounded in ethnographic research with activist organisations – families
of the victims of state violence in Argentina and Brazil – this article
seeks to critically reflect on the relationships between gender, kinship, and
the politics and social practice of memory, together with devices for the
management of life and social order in specific ethnographic situations.
Using a comparative approach, the article argues that relationships established
between these groups enable the construction of shared strategies of
political action and the production of shared meanings in the face of overlapping
confrontations with inequalities and violence. The central problematic
questions how the these activists’ displacements (often transnational)
disseminate practices, skills, experiences, and repertoires of political
mobilisation that compose a field of action directed towards the construction
of memories, the rendering visible of victims, and the denunciation of
previous regimes of selectively perpetrated violence.


Memory; Politics; Kinship; Violence.

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