Urgenza nelle strade. Esperienze di un servizio mobile per la popolazione di strada a São Paulo

Daniel de Lucca


In my conversations with social assistance professionals in the streets
of São Paulo, I was impressed by the frequency and variants of the use
of the word “urgency.” Thus, in this article I propose to problematize the
“street emergencies”, considering the technical, political and everyday
senses involved in the situations thus defined. To that end, I focus on the
activities of a specific institutional apparatus, the Permanent and Emergency
Care Coordinator (CAPE), with special emphasis on the experience
of social assistance professionals who work with homeless people
in São Paulo. Through a historical and ethnographic approach, it shows
how emergencies assume an empirical reality through scales and variable
geometries in the streets of São Paulo. They are objects in construction
and contention, demanding quick action with immediate and “here
and now” responses. Such exceptionality defines the time of urgency and
makes the street a space of life and work marked by multiple interferences
whose intelligibility is not evident.


Urgency; Homeless Population; State; São Paulo.


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