Politica e diritto all’abitazione in una favela carioca

Livia De Tommasi e Dafne Velazco


Rights to housing are basic rights historically denied in Brazil for the
majority of the population. The text is the result of an ethnographic research
done in a favela of Rio de Janeiro, Cidade de Deus. Focus is on the
processes of negotiation that result in the construction and occupation of
two distinct housing sites allows us to discuss the plot of the policy and
it’s transformations in the favela territory. The production of the registry of
inhabitants needing to occupy new houses is a central part of these negotiations,
that involve diverse agents (local political organizations leaderships,
chief drug dealers, city politicians) and has consequences over the local
organization and political struggle. The housing, in this process, becomes
a political merchandise.


Popular Housing; Favela; Political Organization; Political Merchandise.


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