Il commercio di droghe a Rio de Janeiro e l’avvento delle unità di polizia pacificatrice/The drug trade in Rio de Janeiro and the advent of peace-keeping police units

Antonio Rafael Barbosa


In this chapter I seek to approach some aspects of the drug trade in Rio
de Janeiro, particularly those which occur in the poor neighborhoods and
favelas of the city. I consider, equally, the recent changes brought by the
advent a new strategy of policing, the “Units of Pacifier Police” (UPPs)
that were installed in various favelas. I initially present a brief history of
how such market has consolidated in the last decades, pointing its main
characteristics, such as: the factional allegiances, the hierarchies of the local
groups, the relations of complementarity between “jail” and “street”
and between “crime” and police control. Afterwards, I point some changes
in such segmented dynamics generated with the entry of the UPPs in what
became conventionally called “crime territories”.


Drug Trade; Criminal Factions; Units of Pacifier Police; Favela.

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