Reaching the “Bottom of the pyramid”: entrepreneurial strategies at the margins of Brazil

Fernando Rabossi


During the first decade of this century several enterprises in Brazil implemented
strategies to reach the “bottom of the pyramid” through micro-
distribution and door-to-door sales. In this presentation I will analyze
the development of one of this experiences, Nestle até você, a program
implemented by Nestle in 2006 to reach the population of popular neighborhoods
and other out-of-reach territories. First, I will analyze the implementation
and growth of the program. Then, I will present its context of
emergence and the assumptions behind it. Later, I will introduce alternative
circuits of commerce in Brazil that operated previously in these territories
and that could be affected by these strategies. Finally, I will explore the
difficulties that the program is facing due to the economic recession, the
return of armed conflicts in popular neighborhoods and the temporality of
innovations in marketing strategies.


Door-to-Door Sales; Entrepreneurial Strategies; Nestlé; Popular Neighborhoods.


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