Produzione del disordine e gestione dell’ordine. Note su una storia recente del sistema di trasporto informale a São Paulo/Disorder production and order management. Notes on a recent history of the informal transport system in São Paulo

Daniel Veloso Hirata


This is a research that essay to understand the relations between popular
illegalisms and the forms of social control by a fieldwork accomplished in
the sector of transport action of São Paulo. To this end, we tried to follow
the transformations in the sector during the period that extends to the creation
of the regulatory agency of transportation in the city (SPTrans) and the
formalization of the irregular workers so-called “perueiros”. These changes,
which significantly changed the instruments of State action in the sector,
also reorganized the dynamics among groups that dispute and negotiate
the circuit of transportation in the city, inside and outside the legal system.


Illegalisms; Social Control; Unofficial Transport Action; São Paulo.

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