Fabio Dell’Aversana


The essay moves forward from a bitter consideration: for a long time
the Arts and Entertainment Law has been considered uninteresting both
by legal operators and by artists – and this term is used to identify both
creators and performers of a cultural product –, guilty of not having been
able to protect themselves, building on the function assigned by the Italian
Constitution to culture and arts.
This consideration immediately raises some questions: for which purpose
do we have to deal with Arts and Entertainment Law and in particular
which are the objectives, theoretical and not, that we aim to achieve with a
discussion dedicated to this theme? And what is the best method of approach
to be followed in the study of this discipline?
The topic is addressed taking into account the relationship between society
and regulation of arts and entertainment, in the awareness that there
is a close link between sociological reflections and the legal discipline
of arts and entertainment, on which the Italian Parliament has recently


Diritto delle arti e dello spettacolo, Codice dello spettacolo, Law & Humanities


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Registrazione presso il Tribunale di Napoli n. 37 del 05/07/2012