SCIENCE FICTION LITERATURE AS LAW. Spunti per un superamento delle Leggi della Robotica di Asimov/SCIENCE FICTION LITERATURE AS LAW. Ideas for overcoming Asimov's Robotics Laws

Antonio Iannì


In 1950, the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov created his first
collection of short stories about robots (“I, Robot”). Through its first stories
– as well as in the following decades – Asimov contributed to spread
a human-friendly robot type, who induced a serious paradigm shift in the
collective imagination. At the same time, the famous Three Laws of Robotics
– invented by Asimov in order to keep under control the actions of
robots (considered as slaves) and to prevent robots from injuring human
life – represent a strongly anthropocentric model.
Firstly, the current paper describes the origin and the development of the
science fiction literature introduced by Isaac Asimov. Secondly, by adopting
a legal point of view, the paper argues how the Asimov’s ideology is
totally incompatible with the contemporary movement on the non-human
beings’ self-determination and rights.


Asimov, Laws of Robotics, Law and Literature, Roboethics, Legal Subjectivity.


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