DIRITTO, LETTERATURA, MUTAMENTO SOCIALE. Le terre del Sacramento di Francesco Jovine/LAW, LITERATURE, SOCIAL CHANGE. Le terre del Sacramento by Francesco Jovine

Maria Ausilia Simonelli


In the first part of her paper, the Author focuses on the relationships
between law and literature, highlighting how the reality of law and literary
narrative converge. In particular, she emphasizes the role played by
literature as a way to create law, conceived of as a manifestation of social
consciousness and its correspondent ordering will. In the second part of the
paper, the Author analyzes a novel of Francesco Jovine, one of the most
important Italian writers of the 20th century, entitled Le terre del Sacramento
(1950) and concerned with the struggles of Southern peasants for
land ownership in the fascist epoch. Here Jovine describes both the historic
and the current reality, as well as the hope for the future, where more justice
would be available for exploited workers.


Law, Literature, Social Change, Francesco Jovine, Peasant struggles, Right to land ownership.


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