Il lavoro stagionale nel settore turistico in Sardegna/Seasonal work in the Sardinia tourist sector

Luca Manunza


After Consorzio Costa Smeralda was estabished in 1962 and after the policies of the Rebirth Plan collapsed, Sardinia – willingly yielding to a profound transformation of social, territorial and administrative aspects – became, in the next few years, a region in which the dissolution of most of the local society seems evident.  The aim of this research is to trace the social costs of these changes in Sardinia. One part of this essay is based on fieldwork observations in the Sardinian hospitality industry as well as on an insider’s examination of various luxury hotel structures. This grounded research approach, conducted through a non-neutral positionality, was aimed at highlighting what lies behind the curtains of a scenic metaphor and eventually enquire beyond the simplistic assumption that tourism in Sardinia is merely about beautiful beaches, nightclubs and shepherds.



Sardinia, Social Control, Colonialism, Unemployment, Exploitation

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