Corps, sexe et genre. Un dialogue impossible entre Bourdieu et Foucault?/Body, sex and gender. An impossible dialogue between Bourdieu and Foucault?

Philippe Sabot


This paper aims to point out some ambiguities in the “long story” of the “androcentric unconscious” that Bourdieu offers in his Domination masculine. We are particularly interested in the meaning and the status of what he calls «the miracle of love» that highlights an utopian way to overthrow the gender domination. According to Bourdieu, is there an effective subversion or just an illusory suspension of this sort of domination? Based on the Foucaldian analyses of the “true sex”, we analyse another way to take up the issue of the gender domination, which is in relation with the normativity inherent in the identification of subjects by their sex/gender. What appears then is a criticism of the gender norms not in the form of a radical emancipation but in the form of a ceaseless resistance (by use or creativity).



Domination, Body, Gender, Love.


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