L’effetto Manet. Foucault e Bourdieu tra epistemologia della pratica pittorica e gesto critico/The Manet effect. Foucault and Bourdieu on epistemology of pictorial practice and critical gesture

Ilaria Fornacciari


The recent publication of Bourdieu’s course on Manet at Collège de France and the concomitant opening of Foucault’s manuscripts archives have shown the long lasting interest of the two scholars in the painter of Déjeuner sur l’herbe thereby raising the question about the “rupture” inaugurated in Manet’s pictorial practice. Therefore the question arises, which operation is to be understood as “Manet’s effect”?

This paper provides an accurate methodological analysis of some fragments of those two very different dossiers. After a brief comparative examination of the relation of the two scholars with Panofsky’s iconological method, the paper emphasizes the difficulties in characterizing the treatment of Manet’s pictorial practice. It also attempts to find the movement of overturning the historical condition of possibility as a start point of a possible dialogue between Foucault’s and Bourdieu’s critical attempts.


Foucault, Bourdieu, Manet, Iconology, Modernity.

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