Il potere del sapere: il sistema d’istruzione superiore nell’(auto)critica di due “eretici consacrati”/The power of knowledge: higher education system in the (self)criticism of two “consecrated heretics”

Eleonora de Conciliis


The paper carries out a benchmarking of the criticism raised by P. Bourdieu and M. Foucault about the education system, distinguishing between two reading levels: the first one, with a theoretical-political and genealogical aspect, concerns both the reflective analysis of the school field (introduced by Bourdieu and Passeron) and the modern pedagogical “disciplinary dispositif” (Foucault); the other one, partially biographical but actually theoretical-political itself, concerns their different positions inside French university.

The paper examines mainly the second level, following the different trajectories of the two of them as professors. As “consecrated heretics” they both answered the question: “What is the power of knowledge?” and the two of them had to pay a price for their heretical positions, just like different had been their previous consecration.



Power, Knowledge, Habitus, Teaching, University.

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