L’irrequietezza delle possibilità. Appunti sulla meccanica delle forze in Bourdieu e Foucault/The restlessness of the possibilities. Notes on the mechanics of the forces in Bourdieu and Foucault

Ciro Tarantino


On the comparison between himself and Foucault, Bourdieu wrote «It follows that one can, almost at will, almost efface the differences or, on the contrary, accentuate them, by noting that, as the “last difference”, they are particularly significant and powerful». Probably, this elasticity depends on whether two ways of thinking are anchored in a same point of origin from which they are divided into different tension and traction curves. They thus share, for a certain interval, a same elastic region that extends until those stress limits that mark the entrance into the inelastic space of plasticity and breaks. We track this graft point, this first root in a conception of social space considered as possibility and in the correlative and common practice of an analytic of the possible, of the possibles, which has as its main corollary the critique of the naturalization of the “arbitrary”.


Theoretical Elasticity, Social Possibility, Analytics of the Possibles, Critique of the “Arbitrary”.

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