Discorsi e verità nell’Irpinia dell’Expo e delle trivelle/Talk and truth on Expo and drills in Irpinia

Anna D'Ascenzio, Stefania Ferraro


This article analyzes how the discourses concerning the valorization of suburban territories can be used to disguise the policies of intensive mistreatment of the same territories. The theoretical system of this paper is the relation of invisibility to visibility pursuant to Michel Foucault’s definition. The case study is Irpinia, a principally rural area composed by several Communes in the province of Avellino, in southern Italy.

Starting from the analysis of the previous abuse of the Irpinia area (similar speculations after the earthquake of 1980, a savage industrialization, the construction of legal and illegal dumps), the authors draw the attention to the relationship between  the political strategies of valorization of Irpinia’s local products (especially food and wine, thanks to the current participation to Expo Milano 2015 by the Irpinia stand) and the latest biopolitical decision to extract petroleum from this southern area. To describe this relationship the authors examine the discourses produced by the Irpinia No-Triv movement (a movement in opposition to the drillings) against the official order of discourse.


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