Il discorso della filosofia fra Bourdieu e Foucault/A speech on philosophy between Bourdieu and Foucault

Pierpaolo Cesaroni


The essay presents a comparative analysis of Michel Foucault’s and Pierre Bourdieu’s conception of philosophical discourse. They both seek to provide an external view of the philosophical field, in order to outline (and criticise) the “mode of production” of philosophy as a discourse. A good approach is to focus on the way Bourdieu and Foucault criticise Jacques Derrida, since they both see in him the paradigm of philosophical discourse. Although Foucault’s and Bourdieu’s analyses converge in many ways, they still disagree on the way they intend their relationship to philosophy and their role as intellectuals.


Politics of philosophy, Sociology of philosophy, Foucault, Bourdieu, Derrida

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