Il territorio come risorsa e come profitto: società, rappresentanza degli interessi e potere economico nella attività petrolifere in Basilicata/Territory as resource and profit: society, representation of interests and economic power in the Oil business in Basilicata

Davide Bubbico


The aim of this article is to illustrate the dynamics of co-existence and conflict in an area of southern Italy interested by oil extraction. The extraction of oil and gas is one of the potentially most polluting activities. When these take place in the contest of a territory with population, the farming concerns health and environmental are high. Investments of this nature can be considered, however, paradigmatic of how the territorial development models, the role and position were held by the bodies of local government. The territory, in this way, can be declined as a resource for different objectives where, in the absence of clear procedures for participation and decision, the result more evident is the triggering of conflicts and compensations, avoiding however the last discussion on the definition of development paths shared.

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