Terra di lavoro, già Campania felix. Il terremoto del 1980 e la trasformazione dell’area metropolitana napoletana/Work Land, formerly Campania felix. The 1980 earthquake and the transformation of the metropolitan area of Naples

Gianpaolo Di Costanzo



This article analyzes the metropolitan area of Naples as case study of the transformation of contemporary spatial, social and economic structures. After the 1980 earthquake, a massive outflow of population and economic activities from the city of Naples took place and it went hand in hand with the urban, social and economic transformation of a wide area of the province. Wide estates were used for the construction of medium and low level dwelling units or for the establishment of industrial facilities; subsequently for the creation of new commercial and distribution structures such as trade hubs, and even for the installation of (illegal and legal) dumps. The article investigates territorial arrangements, economic transformation and government of the population as elements inextricably linked.



Earthquake, Economic and Social Transformation, Naples

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