Blocco-Bagnoli. Dalla “vocazione naturale” del territorio al “controllo democratico” della trasformazione urbana/Bagnoli, from the “natural suitability” of Its territory, to the “democratic control” of Its urban transformation

Emilio Gardini


The urban transformation of the decommissioned site of the former steel factory “Italsider” of Bagnoli, located in the western zone of the city of Naples, is a never ending process. Ever since the closure of the steel factory in the Nineties, city councils and political reasons have changed, yet the image of the place remains linked to its “natural and touristic vocation”. Under the pretext of speeding up the process of reconversion of the site, the State law Sblocca-Italia approved in November 2014 – among other things – provides an extraordinary receivership in the area in transformation. However, hitherto nothing has changed yet in Bagnoli. Is there a relationship between the landscape heritage to be safeguarded of the western zone of Naples and the receivership of Bagnoli? The aim of the article is to reconstruct the events and analyze the processes that relate what happened in the Nineties with the variant of the Master Plan proposed by the city council and what happens today with the possible receivership of the area.


Bagnoli, Urban Transformation, “Natural Vocation” of Place, Receivership of Site

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