ESPRESSIONI DI RUOLO. Analisi etnografiche sulle interazioni tra professionisti in un centro di salute mentale/ROLE PLAYS. Ethnographic analysis on interactions between professionals in a mental institute

Emilio Gardini


A mental health institution is an organization that works according to precise rules. The professionals who work in the organization play different roles but they do their work in relation to each other. The article discusses some of the results of an ethnographic research in a mental health center in close contact with nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and patients. The research assumptions are inspired by the work of scholars such as Everett Hughes and Erving Goffman and show how professionals express their professional roles. Indeed, the aim of the article is to show how the dynamics of role are related to construction of classification schemes in a health organization.


Ethnography, Interactionist Approach, Social Roles, Health Institution, Organizations.

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