IN NOME DELLA DIGNITÀ. La riorganizzazione dei servizi per le persone senza dimora a Bologna/IN THE NAME OF DIGNITY. Rearranging services for homeless people of Bologna

Maurizio Bergamaschi


When homelessness in Italy was recognized as a social problem in the 1990s, some local intervention strategies have been planned and implemented in discontinuity with the previous ones for taking charge of people in need. The direct involvement of the homeless in these strategies has been the prerequisite of their taking charge by the social service. Social rights are recognized only if the person shows a clear desire for change with his behavior and his way of life. In the first part of the contribution, the author considers the emergency modes of homelessness as a target group of public policies, through the analysis of national legislation. In the second part, on the base of interviews with social workers about measures and benefits by the City of Bologna, the author shows the structuring of this new model of intervention


Homelessness, Public Policy, Social work, Activation, Bologna.

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