L’INDIVIDU MODULAIRE I. De la socialité directe à la socialité institutionnelle/THE MODULAR INDIVIDUAL I. From direct sociality to institutional sociality

Michalis Lianos


Human sociality moved to a new era via the rise of modernity. Early attempts to understand this phenomenon – such as the dichotomies between mechanical and organic solidarity or Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft – set their indelible mark on the social sciences. These two articles build on the theory of transition from direct to institutional sociality and focus on the intricacies of the transformation of the social subject which now builds itself by accessing modules of institutional performance. The “modular individual” amounts to a competitive combination of resources that he or she does not possess inalienably. Unlike the permanence of social belonging, everything provided by the institutional web is detachable. The point has been reached where an adequate self cannot be maintained without competition with others. All an individual can do is increasingly compete, thus increasingly become dependent on institutional resources. In a powerful paradoxical arrangement, the quest for personal adequacy generates social vulnerability. This is the contradictory treadmill that institutional sociality imposes on its subjects.


Human Sociality, Institutional Web, Modernity, Social Bond, Individuation.


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