GLI APOLIDI DELLA METROPOLI. La povertà come frontiera del diritto alla casa Il caso Napoli dagli anni Cinquanta a oggi/STATELESS OF BIG CITIES. Poverty as a border on the right to housing. The Naples case from the Fifties to the present

Giuseppe Daniele De Stefano


This research investigates the meaning of the expression “right to the city” theorized by Henri Lefebvre. Today this right is probably the only form of citizenship that includes every inhabitant of the metropolis. The theory and practice of Lefebvre are spreading in the new social movements for the right to housing. The research explores the historical causes of the housing crisis in Italy and describes the main public policies of governments to solve this emergency. This text focuses on the urban history of Naples and genealogy of social movements for the “right to housing” since 1950.


Right to the City, Naples, Social Movements.

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