MAFIAS ET MOBILITE INTERNATIONALE. Les mafias italiennes entre stéréotypes consolidés et retour à une perspective marxienne/MAFIAS AND INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY. Italian Mafia between Consolidated Stereotypes and Return to a Marxist Perspective

Marco De Biase


This article aims at analysing the relation between the dominant approaches to the study of Italian mafias and the actual growth of these criminal organizations abroad. Firstly, I will try to explain how the majority of these socio-economic and anthropological studies have fostered, on one side, the criminalization and stereotyping of Italians and, on the other hand, the reproduction of a “liberal falsification” of mafia phenomena which did not help to frame an effective fight against organized crime (Vercellone, Lebert 2001; Santino 2006). In conclusion, I will propose the discussion of a different theoretical framework. This approach tends to go beyond the classic interpretive paradigms about mafias,investigating the dynamics of the capitalist market economy and the relational system in which criminal organizations are rooted and conduct profitable economic activities interacting with the society, policy makers and institutions (Santino 2006; Braudel 1979).


Italian mafias, South of Italy, Organized Crime, Capitalist Market Economy.


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