LA DEMOCRATIE EN IRAK APRES LA GUERRE. Entre représentations, rhétoriques et stratégies d’ordre/DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ AFTER WAR. Between representations, rhetoric and strategies of order

Stefania Ferraro


This article aims at analysing the results of a collective research conducted by URiT (The Social Topographies Research Unit) and the Italian. Non-Governmental Organization called “Un ponte per ...”. Here, we investigate the social and civil structures of the post-war Iraq through a study of humanitarian organizations. In the first part of this article, we describe the results of the two questionnairesm filled by the organization managers and the simple members of 34 Iraqi voluntary organizations. In the second part, we analyze the contents of these interviews paying attention to the rhetorical discourses about the “western civilization” of the Iraqi people. Our hypothesis is that the invasion of Iraq represents a clear understanding of the relationship between war and democracy in the Western society and of the consciousness of war as an instrument of global order.


Civilize, Voluntary Associations, Iraq, Invasion, Humanitarian War.


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