MEMOIRE DE GUERRE. Lieux communs et hors champs mémoriels/ MEMORY OF WAR. Common places and out of memory fields

Philippe Mesnard


This investigation purpose to explore and define what the notion
of “culture of war” means. The “culture of war” would appear like the negative side of the “culture of memory” which feeds now, mainly for the Occidental societies, the moral values. Henceforth, “culture of memory” provides or determines the most influent frames of interpretation of the historical and current violence. Though “culture of war” seems to be sent back at the back of “culture of memory”, it remains very present and influential within the common world, and for the imagination. This investigation leads us to interrogate a notion like the “brutalization” (from G. L. Mosse). It compares how appears the reality of violence through the eye of either the “culture of memory”, or the “culture of war”.


Culture of War, Culture of Memory, Moral Value, Brutalization, Cruelty.


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