Mind over matter: Examining the implications of machine brain interfaces on privacy and data protection under the GDPR.

Sabire Sanem Yilmaz, Habibe Deniz Seval


Machine-brain interfaces (MBI) affect General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users' privacy and data protection. MBIs can transform industries and improve lives by directly connecting human brains to computers. However, these advances raise worries about personal data misuse and abuse and the need for robust regulatory frameworks to protect privacy and data. The article examines the relationship between privacy and MBIs in the context of the GDPR and closely examines surveillance risks posed by MBIs. The article also considers MBIs' ethicality and privacy as a human right. Thus, this essay examines the GDPR's current condition considering the the Brussels Effect and sustainability.


Machine-Brain Interfaces; Privacy; Data Protection.

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