The use of IT tools and Artificial Intelligence in the health sector: the patient as a vulnerable subject

Fabrizia Rosa


The present work aims at analyzing the development of technologies in the healthcare sector and the impact this has had on patients’ right to privacy.

After having examined the meaning of "digital health", it focuses on the main tools used nowadays for the processing of patients’ data (telemedicine, electronic medical records and electronic health records) and on the risks they entail for the protection of patients’ right to privacy.

Notably, since the processing of data includes personal and health data stored digitally, these are exposed to the possibility to be lost or become inaccessible, violated or stolen, circumstances that can lead to problems both on the individual level regarding privacy violation, and at the collective level, for example impeding the provision of health services.

In conclusion, in order to minimize these risks it is necessary that digitalization in the health sector become an organic and safe process and that health data management strategies are envisaged to ensure the protection and availability of data in a reliable and timely manner.


health; patient; technologies; privacy;

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