Capitalism of digital surveillance and digital disintermediation in the era of the pandemic

Antonina Astone


The article examine the phenomenon called ‘digital disintermediation’ characterized by a shift of a series of activities from businesses to the population .

The databases, which collect personal information and, more generally, data of both private and public subjects, appear vulnerable to hacker attacks; blockchain technology, which seems to have generated a new climate of trust in the safe use of data, is expression, also of digital disintermediation to which, however, is associated with the risk of an intellectual isolation, known as ‘filter bubbles’.

But the Covid-19 has reversed course. Now more than ever, the ‘social function’ that GDPR 679/2016, in recital 4, assigns to the use of personal data emerges.

 The intervention of the public Authorities appears necessary to guarantee a correct exercise in the treatment of the data, in all cases this is urgent or necessary.


digital disintermediation; blockchain; privacy;

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