Child protection on social networks in the era of COVID-19 confinement

Valeria Manzo


While it is true that in the digital age minors have considerable tools to express their personality and exercise the rights recognised by international conventions (also through the use of technologies that allow new models of relationships), the continuous process of renewing applications inevitably results in a greater concentration of information with consequent exposure to greater risks for security and privacy.

In this context, due to the confinement measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, children have become even more dependent on social media in order to stay in touch with their friends, to express their feelings, to study and to distract themselves.

The aim of this survey is to address the specific issue of children’s interactions on social media and the impact in terms of privacy and data protection as their vulnerability has further increased in the light of the confinement emergency.


minors; social media; social networks; privacy; data protection; GDPR; COVID-19;; Jonathan Galindo

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