Compliance evaluation

Giancarlo Butti, Maria Cristina Gaeta


Case Study The ACME bank has recently developed a new business line consisting of the direct offer of insurance products placed on behalf of a commercial partner. The signing of the policy documents takes place in the branch through the use of the FEA and the documents signed in this way are sent directly to substitutive storage with a third-party supplier that operates both on behalf of the bank and on behalf of the insurance company. The management process requires that all documents provided by customers are digitized for forwarding to the insurance company and that the original document is forwarded directly to the external service of the same company. Similarly, claims management takes place by collecting all the documents that are digitized directly in the branch office. The operations are carried out using a software application made available by the Company and branch operators access it through specific credentials issued by the latter.


business line; insurance products

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