Responding to a Data Breach in a University

Andrew Morris, Martin Maguire, Martin Maguire, Nathan Stuttard, Nathan Stuttard


You are the Academic Registrar at the University of Baloney. A number of students have complained to the Vice-Chancellor of the University which you represent. They are very unhappy that their marks have become public and are available to both fellow students and the general public. The VC has tasked you with trying to establish the source of the data breach. You have to carry out an investigation to find out how the breach has occurred, and which behavioural antecedents contributed to the data breach. You suspect that the data breach was malicious, not accidental but you cannot be certain. In the event that the breach was malicious, you are also determined to establish the motivation and causes for the breach. In the event that the breach was accidental and an ‘honest mistake’, you want to establish how this occurred and whether the member of staff knew what they had done but not “why”.


public marks; data breach; privacy

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