Video Surveillance in the Workplace

Adrián Palma Ortigosa


Zapatiesta, S. L., is a Spanish company that designs and manufactures toys for children between the ages of 2 and 12. This company has a total staff of 155 employees, each employee is distributed in different areas according to their job functions. This company also has a nursery service where workers can leave their children while they do their work. In recent months, the company's management has been informed that some workers have robbed the company, so the production has decreased in the area dedicated to the manufacture of toys for babies. On the other hand, Zapatiesta, S. L., aims to develop new and better products that could have a great acceptance in the market. Before supplying the toys on the market, the company will analyze the behavior and reaction of the children, making this experiment with children of the workers who attend the nursery. In conclusion, the company have decided to install a video surveillance to check the performance of employees, analyze the market conduct in the company nursery and prevent the thefts.


Zapatiesta; video surveillance; thefts

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